Thank you for Mythology.

The ancient stories of Odysseus, Icarus, Psyche, Sisyphus, and all those other heroes, Gods, and folks of note are no more significant than the stories we create with our own lives. Many times they apply to the unfolding of our own lives—that is the intention of their invention.

Creating our own mythology is an art that requires weighing out facts from self delusion and separating what we want to be from what we are.

We are like Odysseus, on this adventure called life, and we are like Icarus, riding the wings of our idealism. We sometimes need to pause to sort the seeds of Psyche and finish the details with painstaking attention and accept the help of others. Of course we inevitably end up as Sisyphus, pushing our rock up hill for it to fall back every evening and provide us with the purpose of pushing it back up the hill the next day and the next.

We are evolving humans and evolving mythology in our own lives, among those we love and those we meet.

Sometimes I can’t see myself clearly and get my mythology mixed up with my authentic self. Then I have to rewrite a page in my own story to clarify.

That is the wonderful thing about mythology— you can keep changing, testing, and continuing until you get it right. Today I am thankful for Mythology.


~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

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