Thank you for my real face.

My friend G said I look a little like Willem Dafoe.

Now, a woman can be devastated by this kind of new information or amused or insulted or flattered if she happens to need a shave and aspires to star in a scary movie.

None of that applies to my reaction. I was curious instead. I said to myself “Okay, now that must have some foundation of truth in it or G (who is a very candid, truthful sort) would not have used his out loud voice with that statement.”

So I pondered… Did my mother ever meet Willem Dafoe? I don’t remember him visiting us after I was born but..? I found a picture of “De Foe” and photoshopped his face over long red hair and my own green eyes. OH MY GOD! I was very afraid. I am not aging well I thought. I sent the photo to my best friends, Linda and Karma.

Linda laughed very loud, which dispelled some of my Vanity-not-Fair. 

She said “He must be native american.” when she caught her breath. So I assumed it’s just the cheek bones that G was referring to.

Karma has said nothing so far and she is a candid, truthful sort also. I am afraid again.

But I am thankful for my real face after seeing the scary photoshop picture.


~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for my real face.”

  1. hogwash. yer a babe.


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