Thank you for Meaning

I am a meaning maker—sometimes to the brink of magical thinking or psuedo-superstition, but eventually back to the axis of scientific analysis.

I can make a canticle out of a grocery list.

I am capable of subjective interpretation to the most subliminal suggestion.

The nuance of synchronicity surrounds me like a horde of sparkling fairies.

Nothing is taken at face value with me, nope, I gotta make it into a secret message from the universe designed to teach me of the deeper meanings of existence.

(Wow, I must be pretty important in the grand scheme of things, eh?)

I can apply symbolism and metaphor to the most mundane object or situation.

A cigar is never just a cigar with me.

If I see a person in black, I wonder if they feel vulnerable—black is the color of protection.

If I find a penny face up, I put it in my left pocket, the left side is the receiving side, the right, the giving side.

If I am pondering a question; “What should I do about…” I suddenly pass a giant billboard advertisement that reads “You should vacation in Baha” There’s my answer!

Yep, it’s a lot of work bein’ me and my brain is full of stuff that can be applied to any situation.

Cultural interpretations of colors, Native “medicines” of animals, significance of numbers, random sentences spoken by passers by, they can all be utilized on my quest to make meaning out of this mysterious and fascinating life of mine.

It’s like turning wood into poetry or mortality into mythology.

I quite enjoy this activity.

It serves to keep me glued to the proverbial path, ever watching, and laughing at the coincidences that can ignite a blaze of meaning.

I am thankful for meaning.

I must go and close the window now.

I just saw a spider.

It’s gonna rain.


~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank you for Meaning”

  1. I am soooo being a comment whore today, but I loved this piece. Meaning in the trivial and sublime, synchronicity at its best.

  2. i envy this.

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