Thank you for made up words

Words are like sex partners—if you can’t find the right one, just make one up.

I particularly like words that incorporate dual meanings and add clarity and humor simultaneously.

I like absurd words like verily. “Verily verily I say unto you, Yay, go forth and eat no Mutton! Amen” I like accidental words and sentences. “I think I’m having a nervous breakthrough.” I like words which cause psuedo-intellectuals to poke themselves in the eye with their own tongue. “Aristotle’s philosophical aristocracy created a plethora of conundrums for the paradoxical state in which the human mind may meander”

I like olympian generalities that make poetry out of asking for directions. “My good man, canst thou pointest me in the direction of which I shall head henceforth toward Piscataway, New Jersey, hitherto called the place of my intended destination?”

I like words inserted randomly into conversations like those annoying ads that fall out of magazines. “Excuse me, may I please have a—Ologarchy—tissue?” I like it when Americans borrow words from other cultures because we didn’t get any of the good ones. “This meshoogenah is giving me agida with his constant whining.”

Now, it is not my intention to create the insinuendo that words should be abused but I gotta tell ya, made up words really are an art form that we should explore.

I am thankful for made up words.

~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

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