Thank You for Invention


I am thankful for leaf blowers. Yep. 

They are merely a very loud wake up call to the revelation that the human species (of which I might or might not be a member) has evolved to the extent that they can actually invent tools that represent so much more than the limited constructs of our pathetic stone ax wielding ancestors. 


Look at us! We are amazing! No bison to kill. No fires to make out of sticks. 

All we gotta do with our over evolved sense of intellectual superiority and elevated-beyond-other-mammals-class bourgeois (How do ya spell bourgeois?)-consciousness is push nature around with a thunderous onslaught of man made air coming out of a man made phallic tube attached to a screaming motor held by an underpaid and under appreciated immigrant who gets to wear ear muffs but wishes he could get a different job that doesn’t need ear muffs or make other folks scowl at him. 

I am thankful for invention. I am thankful for the capacity to invent. 

I am thankful for the necessities that encourage me to invent.


~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

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