Thank You for Historical Friend Ships

We have already established that I feel luckier than the average gal. A large part of my immense gratitude for this “luck” is inspired by the amazing friends that have emerged from the vast ocean of my life as light houses, harbors, and boats that ride through stormy waters and stay in tact.

These friends are the Ships that have carried me through the odd-a-see of my mortal sea when the fog rolled in and filled the sails with encouragement when I was out of breath.

My Friend Ships sometimes need repaired and sometimes need to have barnacles scraped from the bottom but they are sturdy vessels, built with history and love.

They are galleons with at least three decks or levels.

They are quiet canoes that follow the tide.

They are dinghies that carry me into small islands.

They are tug boats that pull me back out to [see] when I get too big for my breeches.

They are sometimes a one person Kayak that paddles along next to me.

My Friend Ships are precious to me and the time invested in learning the rigging is a life well spent.

Thank you for my Friend Ships.


~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

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