Thank you for Darkness

Thank you for Darkness.

There is something very comforting in darkness. It is soft, kind, void of expectation.

Darkness is the place where we are that which we really are.

When we stand naked and alone in the dark, there are no pretenses, no illusions, nothing to distract us. It wraps us in our own insignificance and holds us like a quiet baby.

The dark part of a painting gives value to the image. The darkness of a night sky enhances the luminous quality of stars. 

Darkness is the place that cultivates the seeds of change, the womb of creativity. It is the secret shelter where we escape from the noise of mirrors and the glaring imagery of florescent interaction.

Some folks are afraid of the dark, afraid of being alone, afraid of dying. Darkness can also be a primal harbor to fears. It is the unknown, the not-yet-born. The place where we feel out of control, where we can not see “what’s out there” or look at our own hands. 

Darkness requests surrender.

When we surrender to darkness, it can bring us to our senses, enhance our awareness of our vulnerable existence and inspire us to reach for the light of balance.

I am thankful for darkness.

~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for Darkness”

  1. Darkness to me is usually my fear zone, but you are right that it is the place where we are that which we really are.

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