Thank you for Animals

In Native American lore every animal has a “Medicine”, something to teach the “Two Leggeds” who walk on the Earth. (that would be us, the two leggeds).


Mouse teaches us about scrutiny, Elk teaches us about stamina, Horse teaches us about power, Deer teaches us about gentleness, Armadillo teaches us about Boundaries, and so on.

Every living thing can teach us about ourselves if we pay attention and learn their ways and medicine.

We domesticate some animals and I find it interesting, the ones that we choose and the ones that came into our ancient fire circle and evolved into our “pets”.

Some folks keep dogs (loyalty) and some folks keep rats (resourcefulness). Other folks keep ferrets (their name says it all) or snakes (transformation) or birds (all winged creatures are message carriers of sorts).

And then, there are… The Cat people.

Isabel, my sweet fur bearing little pal teaches me all manner of interesting things.

Her innate rituals and self centered survival-of-the-most-affectionate ways keep me watching her, petting her, feeding her, and adoring her daily.

Her medicine is definitely eat, sleep, play, and purr. I learned the first three pretty quickly but I am still trying to get the purr right.

I am thankful for the teaching of Isabel.


~ by leakelley on August 18, 2008.

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