Thank You for Can Do It Conduits


A Conduit is a channel for connecting one thing to another.

Some folks are human conduits. They connect people, ideas, and human needs to energy supplies.

These folks are the “Can Do It” Conduits.

You find them at parties, introducing people to one another, on teams, offering encouragement to the underdog, in kitchens feeding the neighborhood, or at community events surrounded by lost tourists.

People flock to these “can do it” Conduits.

They are the electricity that powers humanity to stick together.


Plug your adapter into a reliable source

Make sure you are grounded

Keep an open circuit available

Do not try to run more power than your wiring can handle

Maintain clean connections

Remain insulated from sudden power surges by random external forces

Use your energy wisely


~ by leakelley on August 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “Thank You for Can Do It Conduits”

  1. My sister and my online-friend are AWESOME Can-Do-It human-conduits 😀

  2. I think somewhere in the last 6 months I got accidentally disconnected…

  3. @ Karma: Sorry to hear/read that, Karma

    Post Script:

    My above comment was suppose to read “My sister [link to my sister’s blog] and my online-friend [link to Daisy Raisler’s blog]”, but I guess those links were casualties of the war on comment-spam; Oh well 🙂

  4. neoroaster,
    Is this the right link that is missing from your comment?

    If it’s not, please try again (one link at a time)

  5. Yes, that’s the one 🙂

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