Thank You for The “Happy Buzz Dance”


You know those moments where you can barely contain yourself, those times when you have an overpowering spasm of affection for someone you love, or you see something so cute (like a kitten or a platypus) that you have to bite your lower lip and squish your hands into a tiny joy fist to keep from squealing?

Well, I have a little dance for that which will provide you with a creative outlet for those intense moments.

It’s called the Happy Buzz Dance

Even Ellen Degeneres doesn’t know about it (and Ellen Degeneres is, of course, the best dancer of all time!)

The Happy Buzz Dance is something anyone can do at any time anywhere without a lot of hubbub. It takes approximately 10 seconds and can be done in sneakers, high heels, or mukluks!

I sometimes do the Happy Buzz Dance while I’m waiting for morning coffee to brew or standing in line for an ice cream cone.

Okay, here’s what ya do…

Stand with your feet aligned beneath your shoulders

Bend both your arms at the elbow to make a 45 degree angle

Form your hands into little joy fists

Push your butt out just a little

Put your head back as far as it will go

Squish your eyes shut and try to reach your ears with the corners of your lips

Twist to the left and then to the right while swinging your elbows back and forth (keeping arms bent)

Do this with the speed of a hummingbird while visualizing anyone or anything that inspires a spasm of affection.

Whew! That was Great!


~ by leakelley on July 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thank You for The “Happy Buzz Dance””

  1. Wouldn’t it be simpler just to do the Macarena? LOL 😀

  2. nueroaster,
    Yes, the Macarena would be simpler but my dance has therapeutic value, you see.
    If you feel sad, the Macarena just isn’t the same.
    But the Happy Buzz Dance, now THAT will heal you!

  3. God, I miss the Happy Buzz Dance! There’s nothing like it, and no one who can dance it like you do…except someone dancing it WITH you. Dang, LJK, you gotta get your hummingbird wings down here and DANCE! L.

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