Thank You for Pride and Harmless Fire

Yesterday was the Gay Pride Festival. The Parade went right by my building! It was Great.

The festival brought out the best in folks. Some had a difficult time with the concept but no problem!

Others just had a good time and some even played with fire without worryin’ about such things as Hell and damnation!

A good time was had by all! (‘cept maybe those two guys carrying the heavy burden of those mean scary signs in the heat)

Other than that…

Fun! Fun! Fun!


~ by leakelley on July 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Pride and Harmless Fire”

  1. Thanks for the photo, Lea!

    When I saw the idiotic, offensive signs made by the “Christian Right Wingnuts”, my first thought was to get a rock and bash their heads in until my hand was sore, then switch to the other hand.

    But alas, mindfulness inspired me get my metallophone and just sing “Yes, Jesus Loves Me, the Bible Tells Me So” over and over as a mantra. Probably a better choice! Probably.

  2. Great. Since PROP HATE passed our very expensive gay organizations are planning to sign MORE petitions “demanding
    marriage rights and equal protection under the law” and plan MORE “marches on Washington, D.C.”

    Yeah…those approaches have been so effective these past few…..decades.

    Doesn’t anyone realize how their tax money is the MOST powerful thing they control?

    Doesn’t anyone feel sick when they pay FULL taxes for UNEQUAL rights, confirming they are society’s most worthless?

    FACT – Government is RESPONSIBLE to ALL of its citizens, yet we have embraced our role as SUB-Americans so well that we are oblivious to how pathetic it is to beg-plead-donate money for a right we ALREADY deserve….years ago!

    When I tell America to “PAY MY TAXES”, I also include my fellow LGBTQ Americans who seem to have NO PROBLEM with taxation without equality. Do you really think you deserve rights….if you are willing to pay for them (Prop 8 donations), or willing to be taxed despite being DENIED those rights…rights that are doled out like candy to other Americans?

    Too harsh? I apologize – I am no longer able to march or donate or hold signs. All I have are my words and my tax dollars; I AM STILL IN CONTROL of those 2 things.

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