Thank You for Emoting in a Stabile Manner

What kind of society is so afraid of emotion that it’s own members create mechanisms for negative reinforcement to keep this wild and crazy element from creeping into our daily interactions and undermining the robotic behaviors valued by that society?

What kind of society could benefit from robotic behavior without messy feelings ?

You could probably find the answer on a production line at any factory in the industrial world.

How is it that “rational” is preferred for respected leaders, stabile neighbors, and potential mates?

Why is “Rational” seen as preferable to “Emotional”?

Rational is Influenced by reasoning rather than by feeling.

It is defined as “of sound mind; sane” and “based on scientific knowledge or theory rather than practical observation”

An emotion is a “complex reaction , involving experiential, behavioral, and physiological elements, by which the individual attempts to deal with a personally significant matter or event.”

Without emotion, there is no empathy;

Empathy is direct identification with, understanding of, and vicarious experience of another person’s situation, feelings, and motives.

But…here’s where it gets confusing;

“n. the state of an individual that enables him or her to have appropriate feelings about common experiences and act in a rational manner.”

Without empathy (and appropriate feelings), what is a society?

Does it just become a productive work force of individuals who are  not distracted by one another so they can be more “productive” ?

I can understand why extreme emotional displays can inhibit healthy interactions. A person that demonstrates severe mood swings and emotional lability is considered unpredictable and “pathological”  because… well… that “path” is not “logical”.

A Labile person is not a Stabile person.

It takes a lot of Stabile people to predict how many products can be manufactured in a day with a consistent production count.

But without emotion, how will we know when we are experiencing a “significant matter or event”?

~ by leakelley on June 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thank You for Emoting in a Stabile Manner”

  1. i’ll tell you why cuz it’s a pain in the butt!!

  2. aniche,
    hee hee
    Yeah but if it’s a pain in the butt, that should prevent us from just sittin’ around on our asses, right?

  3. Humans are emotional mammals capable in varying individual degrees of exploring the truth value, if any, of the sentences they alone among all living things are able to utter.

    Emotions are physical events. Sentences are physical but so slightly, barely so that we say, correctly, they are mental events. Physical events give rise to mental ones. The deep function of the latter is to inform (to display the form of, or to add form to) the former. For instance, if someone is weeping, anyone observing the tearing who wishes to know what the weeping is about will appreciate hearing informative sentences spoken by the weeper.

    Sentences also serve as a highly efficient way of communicating the function of an emotion without having to expend the energy required to transmit it physically. For instance, each of us passes from infancy when one must cry & get quite unhappy to attract attention from someone who hopefully will understand he or she is hungry, to childhood when one just says, without the cost of an emotional display, “I want to eat.”

    It is unfortunate that some persons believe emotions & reason are not mutually dependent – the one giving rise to issues that might become costly if not dealt with, & the latter tending to seek resolutions at typically low comparative cost.

    Emotion & reason are companions. Or, I propose, taking notice of the way emotion & reason are related to one another in a human being, it is correct to say they are the two ends of one thing in the same kind … as are legs & a head.

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