Thank You for Cartoons without the pictures

My neighbor is a famous cartoonist. He was wandering around looking for inspiration yesterday.

I wanted to help so I came up with these:


“Edwin, if you don’t talk to him, I will!”

“all right, I give up. Who took my lighter?”

Amelia came from a large family of gymnasts

“Don’t ask… It was a long winter.”

“Maybe I should have just got a dog instead.”

“Waddya think? I built it all by myself!”

“…and you thought I was just another pretty face!”

“Howard! When I said “re- model” I meant the kitchen!”

“Wanna trade?”

“Excuse me, did I step on your toes?”

‘You call that an Entree?”

“Yeah, we found her under the porch.”

“Waiter! There’s a guy in my soup!”

“Actually, I used to work on Wall Street too.”

…Seeking female, long walks on the beach, romantic dinners,… Must have own shopping cart”

When good Gods go bad

As a teenager, Sam was very popular but his friends all disappeared after the incident.

“one thousand one, one thousand two… are you sure these are all yours?”

Mother always said I’d marry someone with  exceptional taste.”

“There, there…It’ll come back.”

“From now on, YOU take out the trash!” 

Louise always dreamed  he would change”

“Do you smell something burning?”

“Surprise! I found it for you at the flea market!”

Look Buddy, If I had a dime, do ya think I’d be here?”

I hope he gets inspired and makes a cartoon for us to see!

If he does, I’ll show it to you.



~ by leakelley on June 16, 2008.

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