Thank You for analysis of “The Chair”



The electric chair is not a place to sit and daydream about your future.

A chair in the doctor’s office seems to stretch time beyond the laws of physics when you have to wait in one.

Chairs at the airport are designed to put your legs and your butt to sleep but prevent the rest of you from being too comfy on a seven hour layover.

There are 

Chairs that swallow people while they read a good book

Chairs that are intentionally designed to deter loiterers

Chairs that separate students so they wrestle with arithmetic instead of each other 

Chairs that boost a two year old up so they can be as tall as everybody else at the the restaurant table

Chairs that strap into the back seat of a car in less time than it takes to change a diaper

Chairs that rock to provide the only exercise in a retirement home

Chairs that keep sand out of your bathing suit at the beach

Chairs for sitting at your computer without ever noticing your life just passed you by

Chairs at the kitchen table for important family conversations

Chairs that keep your neighbors on the lawn instead of in the house

Chairs that recline so you can keep watching TV and never go to bed

Chairs filled with beans for people who can get up from the floor without slipping a disc

Some chairs represent authority (like in the House of Commons), some are just placed for fun (like musical chairs), others are carved by ancient tribes and carried around for the lifetime of the maker where ever they go.

There is a chair for almost every letter in the alphabet!

Arm chair, Bean bag chair, Chaise lounge, Director’s chair, Electric chair (much different than an easy chair), Folding chair, Glider chair, High chair, Inflatable chair, Jumper chair, Kneeling chair, Lawn chair, Massage chair, Nursing chair, Office chair, Potty chair, Rocking chair, Swivel chair, Throne, Umbrella chair, Wheel chair, and a… Zaisu (for sitting on the floor in Japan).

But my favorite chair is “The Green Chair”

Karma and I bought them at a discount store for 7.50. We use them to practice professional loitering outside coffee houses that say you must be 25 feet from the door to have a cigar while you drink a Latte.

This is us practicing:

Karma and Lea 25 feet from every door in town.

photo taken by Robin Dude 





~ by leakelley on June 10, 2008.

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