Thank You for Technology That Tastes Good?

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why those high tech people who make up names for new inventions in the communications field resort to naming electronics after food.

I guess all that geek sitting at computers really limits their ability to eat the things they really want and so they get their daydreams mixed up with their jobs.


I was trying to tell my friend, Karma about a guy that walked up to me with a complicated device he was using to participate in the contest for FACES OF BELLINGHAM

This device allowed him to take pictures, call his mom, check his date calendar and be on the internet scrolling through photos while he sent a text message to the doctor in charge of his carpal tunnel syndrome and received a message from his optometrist on another line simultaneously.


As I was telling Karma about the guy who followed me out the door with his device to ask me a question about the face contest, I could not recall the name of the device.

I said “He was looking at all the photos on his tiny Blueberry”.

She said “His Blueberry?”

“Yeah, you know, his Blueberry phone, or is it a Raspberry? Or… a Strawberry?”

“Lea Kelley, do you mean his Blackberry?”

Yeah, Yeah, whatever, the guy was chasin’ me down the street with a bowl of fruit to ask if he had the right pictures. I don’t even know how he could see them on that tiny little screen.”


~ by leakelley on June 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Technology That Tastes Good?”

  1. I was taking a bite out of my Apple when I started reading this.

  2. technology is really getting tasty dese days….nice post.

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