Thank You for A-Dude-Like-Dave



Most single women have at least one friend who found her soul mate.

Often this friend’s husband can be the standard by which single women compare their potential relationships. 

This may not be fair but it happens.

Let’s call that standard “A-Dude-Like-Dave”


A Dude-like-Dave;

Is always employed

Cooks amazing dinners

Holds down the fort when the rest of the family goes crazy

Does the taxes and bookkeeping

Does laundry 

Listens to hard-day-at-work stories (and actually asks questions) 

Knows how to hold a baby

Runs errands when necessary 

Turns a BBQ into a gourmet kitchen

Reads and demonstrates literacy

Changes the toilette paper roll

Can fix a broken shower head

Knows how to dress (owns a tuxedo and wears it well)

Can co-raise five kids without losing his mind completely

Dances with his wife in the living room

Treats his wife’s friends with respect and genuine affection

Researches vacation spots

Watches sports on TV but keeps the sound down low and will still answer the phone

Can tell a good joke (but it may take a while)

Remembers to feed the pets

Has just enough flaws to make his wife feel important

Obviously makes his wife happy because she tells her single friends a lot of good stuff about him and she actually enjoys hanging out with him.

A Dude-like-Dave makes his wife’s best friend thankful that her friend has found true love.




~ by leakelley on June 5, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You for A-Dude-Like-Dave”

  1. I’m thankful, too. L.

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