Thank You for People of Color and Colorful People


Some folks are Green with envy but they are usually too Yellow to admit it.

Some are in the Pink with their own lots in life and don’t necessarily compare themselves to others.

Then, there are the folks who are eternally Blue no matter what they have.

Orange you glad you are not one of them?


As a painter, I am aware of all the colors it takes to make a portrait of a real person.

If we actually described people by the true colors of their skin, our perspectives would have to adjust and we would need another absurd method of separating ourselves from others.


“Really, Officer. That guy with the Lavender hue above his eyebrow and the Taupe at the edge of his jaw, he’s the one who took my purse.”

“Yeah, I lost my job to a Pink, Beige, and Ochre person with Aqua highlights in his eyes.”

“When I grow up I wanna be monochromatic so I can live in a nice neighborhood.”


Seriously, even if the proportions and ratios are different, basically, we are all made up of three primary colors, with the value of shadow and light added.


Especially on the inside.

I think I Red that somewhere.





~ by leakelley on June 4, 2008.

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