Thank You for Pure Water to Drink


I am so confused.

If I drink tap water with fluoride, can I throw away my toothpaste?

If I do my laundry in municipal water, can I stop buying chlorine bleach?

If I continue to drink bottled water, will I absorb so many plastic molecules that my face will get smoother without surgery?

If I don’t wash my car will the corporate farmers be able to grow more wheat for the children in my neighborhood?

Am I going to have to start paying taxes on my water along with my Jack Daniels, my cigarettes, and bullets for my hunting rifle?

Who owns the water?

Who is allowed to add things to my drinking water?

Remember in the movie “Total Recall” where a mean guy owned all the air and turned off the big fan to control people?

Is Drinking Water one of the Human Rights along with the pursuit of happiness?

I don’t think I would be quite as happy if I was dehydrated like that freeze dried instant coffee.


The corporatization or privatization of water scares me.

It puts my life in the same hands of people who handle a lot of dirty money.

I don’t want all those germs in my water.




~ by leakelley on May 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank You for Pure Water to Drink”

  1. Wow, this is so much deeper than my quandry of putting down the coffee cup and switching to mimosas this morning. I love your wit!

  2. An Environmental Working Group analysis of Nitrates and nitrites tests reported by 15,803 public water suppliers in 28 states shows that between 1998 and 2003, 96.4 million people in 10,920 communities drank water contaminated with Nitrates and Nitrites. In 97 of these communities, tap water was contaminated at levels above health-based thresholds.

    Texas had 1,302 water supply systems serving 13.9 million people contaminated with Nitrates and Nitrites, which was the highest state in the study. Coming in second was Washington with 1,257 systems serving 3.9 million people.

    Nitrate & nitrite is a chemical that enters water from fertilizer runoff, leaching septic tanks, and erosion of natural deposits. Potential health impacts associated with Nitrate & nitrite include cardiovascular or blood toxicity, kidney toxicity, and reproductive toxicity.

    The Maximum Contaminant Limit (MCL) for Nitrates and Nitrites is 10 parts per million (ppm). Water suppliers report an average of 0.7 Nitrate and Nitrite tests per year. 23,948 water suppliers failed to report any Nitrate and Nitrite tests at all.

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