Thank You for “e” bonics


Okay, so we are language makers.

But sometimes we get a little over zealous and create languages that don’t really accommodate the best of our intentions. 

In 1976 we heard the word “Ebonicss” from a psychologist (Robert Williams) in regard to this special vernacular that incorporated “ebony” and “phonics” . He wrote a book: “ Ebonics, The True Language of Black Folks”.

I have respect for the intention of acknowledging folks who speak a different variation of English as absolutely as intelligent as the people who don’t understand them. I also get concerned about language segregation and what that does to the collective of communicating humans.

The above, however, is not what I am speaking of when I say  “e” bonics.

I am talking about that recent language phenomenon that has got us all adapting to typing, texting, and sometimes even speaking out loud in abbreviated acronyms that are supposed to represent all the words that we learned to spell right in grammar school.

This e-mail, chat, and text message shorthand can get me very confused.

So I discovered a dictionary that will keep me from getting my feelings hurt by misunderstanding things like “LOL” which I used to think meant “Lots Of Luck”. 

It’s hard to keep up with groovy new words and language adjustments that are supposed to enhance our elevating consciousness.

BHIMBGO (Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old)

PS can make you just as intelligent as the people who don’t understand you!


~ by leakelley on May 28, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You for “e” bonics”

  1. Is it embarrassing to say that I just bookmarked this? Or maybe it’s more embarrassing to say that I already knew, perhaps, far too many of these?

    (both ways)
    (while we are at it)

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