Thank You for Getting The Point


Point is a funny word. You can not smile when you are saying it. 

You also can’t inhale while you are saying “point” 

Especially if you say it seven times in a row, really fast. It’s one of those words that make your lips feel funny, like they may never straighten out again, like maybe you should whistle instead of talk, like your mouth is pointy, like maybe you should not point at strangers…get my point?

Read this list OUT LOUD.

You will probably see “point” from a whole new point of view.

point of entry

one point diamond

point of no return

point taken

point in time

decimal point

pointing in the right direction

point of living

point and shoot camera

turning point

percentage point

point system

two point lead

point of sail

pointing the blame

Pointing at others can make your lips tired, keep you from smiling, use up all your breath, and drive you to the breaking point.

~ by leakelley on May 24, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You for Getting The Point”

  1. Taking a point in a conversation, is merely give the facts about the chat. Point always a crucial word as well.

    When it comes to the life, we are really fond of finding a point of time to do something for some point of view. These ‘Points’ may have play a major parts in our life.

    Nice list and post. Keep posting.

    Best smile,

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