Thank You for My New Hero of the Day



It is raining outside and I am in a stay-at-home-in-my-jammies-mood-of-malfunction.

After making coffee this morning I discovered my half and half had half the have and I have to have half and half or I cannot have coffee because I am a Cream-a-Donna.


This morning I borrowed a bit of milk from my friend and neighbor, Jack. He lives downstairs from me so I crept down the stairs in my fluffy robe and fuzzy slippers for the precious moo juice that would ease the bitterness of my coffee and the dark cloud that was my attitude.


I was not caught by anyone who was dressed appropriately in the stairwell. I snuck down each step and made it all the way to Jack’s refrigerator in which he so graciously had a gallon of brand new milk. 


I did not even get noticed by anyone that would recognize me and be all “Hi Lea!” and be all sneakin’-up-on-me-in-my-jammies-tryin’-to-get-together-a-damn-cup-of-coffee-so-I-can-get-on-with-my-life-before-anybody-discovers-the-real-me-before-coffee gives-me-back-my-soul-in-the-morning, and they would be all “Hey, how ya doin’ today, Lea?” and try to have some kinda swell chit chat with a demon woman while she growled in fluffy slippers on her way to sneakin’ down the hall for cream.

It is very fortunate on account of my mood of malfunction is pretty scary when somebody is used to seeing a cheerful lady in the hall after her coffee.


So, I muddled through the much appreciated coffee with milk, still longing for real half and half, but just sooo thankful for at least a cup of Jo.

It was enough to make me almost friendly but not so much as to inspire me to go out to the store in the rain.


Now, it’s about 3pm.

I’m still in my fluffy robe.

I just answered the door ten minutes ago.

It was Jack.

He had raindrops on his Fedora hat.

He reached up from his Electric Wheel Chair to hand me a quart of Half and Half and said “I was going to the store anyway.” as he flashed me a magnificent smile.

My slippers are not the only thing that is fuzzy right now.





~ by leakelley on May 13, 2008.

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