Thank You for The Background Check

When I get a little too full of myself or feel like I have accomplished some great feat, I stop and do a background check.

This means I look at the folks in the background who helped me accomplish that feat or finish that project or get to that place of “self” fulfillment.

The folks in my background are the ones who taught me things, showed me I could do things, gave me encouragement, tools, and continuous support for my endeavors in all manner of ways.


These folks in the background, they don’t ask for credit or stand up and yell “You could not have done this without me!”

But most great things do not happen without them. 


Some background people are completely satisfied with just knowing they helped someone.

Some background folks are just fine with being in the background. They do not need a lime light. They have all the light they need on the inside.


I think of all the amazing things in life that just would not happen without the folks in the background.


Have you done a background check lately?


I am doing one this minute.

Thank you. 

I see you, and you should know I could not be me or do what I do without you.


~ by leakelley on April 25, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You for The Background Check”

  1. I do that when things go wrong 😀
    Always blame the people in the background.

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