Thank You for Long Showers


When a person has Long hair, Long legs to shave, and Long days to wash off, a shower that does not run out of hot water before the finish is mandatory.


My pal came over yesterday to borrow my shower because her hot water heater is limited. (She just moved into a new place and will remedy this soon)


I was reminded of all the times when a good shower is a glorious experience.


After camping in the wilderness for a week or two

After traveling in third world countries

After staying with hippies who only have an out house in the mountains but don’t care how you smell and love you anyway

After a stressful social event

After finishing a painting that you put your whole body into

After playing basketball

After talking to somebody that was just a little bit too creepy and kept staring at the wrong parts of your being

After hanging drywall

After climbing in an attic full of insulation


And just any time when we need to feel brand new and shiny, thanks for long showers.

(but try not to waste the water)





~ by leakelley on April 22, 2008.

One Response to “Thank You for Long Showers”

  1. was here!
    Thanks for the good and hard working blog!
    I looking forward to see more posting fron you!

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