Thank You for Those who are Willing to Wade through Loud Illusions to Find the Quiet Truth











There are so many things that can influence what we believe to be true.

How can we possibly KNOW when something is the truth?


What voice do we trust?

Even our own intuition is influenced by external factors most of the time.


Our life experiences guide what we pay most attention to.

What we pay most attention to is not always true.

But we sometimes settle for those things that are in our face.


I am thankful for those who are tenacious enough, and have the integrity to keep looking past the things that slap us in the face or hit us over the head.


I think maybe these truth seekers may be good conversationalists  but they are generally folks that know enough to refrain from such distractions. 

~ by leakelley on April 20, 2008.

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