Thank You for People that are “Just Too Cool”.



I had a recent revelation about those folks you meet who never seem to have anything to say to folks that are not quite as cool as they like to think THEY are.

Some of them are not quite what I thought they were.

I have had to adjust my perspective on the “cool” folks.

I have had to contend with the judgmental attitude that I keep denying I have, once again. (This probably originated in high school.)


Here’s some things I recently noticed that has altered my image of “Just Too Cool” People.

Some of them are just…


shy or intimidated

nervous about something I can’t know

feel awkward about the social setting

are writing beautiful poetry in their head

are afraid some one will notice they have one ear lower than the other

are from out of town

are hiding alcoholism or wrestling with an over buzz

obsessing on a bad haircut

preoccupied with someone they have a crush on

feel self conscious about what to do with their hands

are insecure about their popularity

are observers of the human condition and just don’t know how to participate

focused on scoping out the joint for a future robbery

think maybe I am acting just too cool to talk to







~ by leakelley on April 13, 2008.

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