Thank you for Life and Death in my alley

I have written about events in my alley before.

I sit by my window in the morning with my coffee and greet the day and ponder the things I am thankful for.

Sometimes the thank you does not come easy and I must have another cup of coffee before it finds me.

Today, in my alley, I saw two women.

One, a young woman pushing a baby stroller that she was using to haul a baby crib in pieces.

The other, an older woman that appeared to be her mother, pushing a shopping cart with baby clothes and baby toys.

I saw no baby.

The younger woman lifted the lid of one of the dumpsters in the alley and began to throw in the parts of baby crib she hauled in the stroller. Then the stroller went into the dumpster.

She stood there as the older woman emptied the contents of her cart into the dumpster a few pieces at a time.

I thought to myself:

“Why don’t they donate those items to a new mother? They seem in perfect shape. Why don’t they take them to a shelter? There are so many women with babies that could use them?”

Then I realized that the dumpster was probably as far as they could get with the baby items.

I realized that it took all their strength to throw those precious things into a dumpster in my alley.

I realized they were crying.

They slowly walked back into the apartment building across from mine and took a piece of my heart with them.


~ by leakelley on March 28, 2008.

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