Thank you for the tears I forgot to cry

Hallelujah  (Play this song while reading this blog.)

I have been a voting American adult for over three decades.

I remember when Richard Nixon resigned on August 9th 1974.

I remember the anger at Gerald Ford for issuing a pardon for Richard Nixon.

I remember Jimmy Carter’s Fireside chat in a cardigan sweater.

I was one of the people that called in from a small town in Michigan. I was in high school and I adored the peanut farmer.

I remember Reaganomics and how homeless people appeared so suddenly—sleeping on park benches, in bank doorways, and under overpasses. I was stunned and my innocence and faith in the America I lived in began to wane.

Then George Herbert Walker Bush, I saw as a war mongering problem solver who fought fire with oil and oil with fire.

By the time the media got through with our 42nd President, Bill Clinton, I was convinced he was just tabloid fodder that played the horn and let some woman play with his horn.

I had completely forgotten that I actually respected his vision for this country and really wanted him to succeed.

The man that will “serve” as our 43rd President, the one who finished the “Bushwhacking” of his father, I will never forget.

He made me more angry than I could be if I had met Caligula in person.

None of the above men made me cry.

I was too busy to indulge in crying.

I was too busy deciphering their sound bytes, working as a social worker for the people they had forgotten about, too busy worrying and becoming cynical, skeptical, fed up, and disillusioned.


I finally cried.

I listened to Obama speak of unity, of the reasons we have become what we are, the work we must do to get free of the corporate dictator (not his words), and of understanding the hows and whys of divisions and what it has done to us as a nation.

I listened to him plead with us to think differently “this time”.

I heard him pleading with us not to be distracted by the propaganda that takes a single sentence out of context and uses it to drag us all into a blind muck so that we may be bamboozled again.

I heard him ask us to work together, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Native American… all as one tribe, as one group without resentment, without the justifiable rage, but to look beyond those feelings while understanding where they came from to change this place we call home toward a more perfect union.

I thought I wanted Hillary Clinton to be our next President.

I think if Hillary Clinton truly loved this country, she would stand up tomorrow and tell us how she would be honored to be the Vice President to Obama so we could begin this healing process with her experience and his leadership toward unity.

I would be so proud for Hillary to visit all the nations with which she has so much experience, as the Vice President while our new President worked with us all on his unifying plan here at home to take our country back, to educate ALL of our children, to be our brother’s/sister’s keepers, to remember our humanity is not for sale.

I have finally cried.

I think I may be experiencing relief in hope.

I think I may hear the music again.

I’m sure it would be far more beautiful if we all sang together


Obama’s speech that made me cry:



~ by leakelley on March 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thank you for the tears I forgot to cry”

  1. A few people in politics have made me cry. I’m a little older than you (okay, not much, but enough, maybe). I want, no…I NEED a LEADER for my nation. If Obama is that person, then let’s make it happen. NEED is far more important than want, when it comes to social structures…unfortunately. What I want cannot be compared with our country’s needs, and I wouldn’t expect it. I EXPECT us, as free-willed citizens, to do the right things, not just to do things right.

    Thanks for this incredible post, and your tears, Letha Jean. You are an amazing activist by way of your words.

  2. This is a lovely post. Obama’s speech did not do that for me, and I will still support Clinton, but your essay is very moving. I watched all those things too. That’s why I can’t vote for now for someone who says he wants bipartisanship. The Republicans have torn this country apart, milked it of its wealth, treated the people like scum. I want the Republican conservative ideology repudiated and Obama won’t do that.

  3. Your entry is beautiful.

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