Thank you for the Differences between a “Best Friend” and a bottle of Vodka



A best friend likes you for who you really are.

A bottle of Vodka likes you for who you wish you were.


A best friend will not make you fat, steal your money, lie to you about why others hang out with you, make you depressed while deceiving you that they are cheering you up or calming you down, make you look stupid or immature in public, and a best friend will not damage other healthy relationships.


A bottle of Vodka will not take you for coffee in the morning, help you clean your house, be completely honest with you, point out your authentic beauty, cherish your idiosyncrasies, or keep energy vampires from using you as an excuse to avoid themselves.


A best friend explores the world with you.

A bottle of Vodka takes the world out of you.

A best friend encourages you toward change and good decisions.

A bottle of Vodka makes decisions and creates change for you.


A best friend has your interest in mind.

A bottle of Vodka doesn’t have a mind.

A best friend holds you in high esteem.

A bottle of Vodka holds you hostage to illusion.


The commonalities between a Best Friend and a bottle of Vodka:


They both take time to assimilate and effect your life.

They are both fragile and will shatter if you let them fall.


~ by leakelley on March 11, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for the Differences between a “Best Friend” and a bottle of Vodka”

  1. If only more people knew…L.

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