Thank you for A Bathroom of One’s Own

Me and Virginia Woolf, we like our privacy!


Throughout my life I have shared bathrooms with three brothers, five husbands, various roommates, nine communal artists, hordes of hippies, a few boyfriends, several girlfriends, third world tourists, campground denizens, and most recently, my cat, who sits on the rug and stares at me while I take a bubble bath.


I love my bathroom. It’s a huge bathroom with a huge tub.

I have nine bath towels, eight hand towels, and twenty three wash cloths. All for me. All clean.


My bathroom has art, candles, tidy drawers full of girly stuff, a cabinet full of things that stay where I left them, soft rugs, pretty jewelry boxes, and a clean toilette that has the power to flush down an entire country without a trace.


It’s a good bathroom and it’s all mine (except for a random guest or an occasional maintenance man).


If every woman had a bathroom of her own, the feminist movement would have conquered in a nanosecond. 


A bathroom of one’s own is essential to a healthy perspective, socioeconomic transcendence,  and full creative capacity.



~ by leakelley on March 8, 2008.

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