Thank you for Reasons to Look Forward

Well… now that Linda and I have finally been to a Ballet, I must establish all new life goals.

So here are some things I have in my cache of anticipatory experiences:

Being a Bride’s maid matron instead of a Bride

Finally getting that million out of the wrong bank account and into one that has MY name on it

Painting the ceiling of the Cistern Chapel

Learning to speak a foreign language while living in the country of it’s origin ( I’m thinkin’ maybe Western Canada)

Adopting a child from an impoverished nation (I’m thinkin’ maybe Detroit or Appalachia)

Watching a scary movie that doesn’t make me mad

Riding on a river boat and playing poker with fellas that have skinny mustaches

Taking Ayahuasca to visit my past life so I can tell myself to go to a good University, write a book, and tell it to Oprah while channeling the spirit of a Peruvian leopard

There are still so many things left to look forward to!


~ by leakelley on March 2, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for Reasons to Look Forward”

  1. If you`re planning to take ayahuasca you sould contact me.

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