Thank you for Myrth and Mirth

Myrth is the late wife of my adored friend, G.

They were married for half a century.

I never met her in person but when I met G I met Myrth.

She lives in his mannerisms, his eyes when he speaks of her, and his great knowledge of history (Myrth was an historian and a teacher).

Myrth gave birth to three children and dedicated herself to educating those around her while demonstrating a compassionate rapport with young people.

There hangs a beautiful portrait of Myrth above G’s fireplace (painted by a famous artist).

G continues to educate and develop rapport in the lovely living room as Myrth’s portrait stands as the representative that she is ever present in the activities that go on.

The salons, the meetings, the parties, the quiet and not so quiet conversations, all take place enhanced by Myrth’s smile above the mantel.

I am thankful that my friend G had a true love that contributed so much to who he has become.

The influence of Myrth enhanced (and enhances) G’s life and G continuously adds meaning and “mirth” to mine.


~ by leakelley on February 23, 2008.

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