Thank you for A Sliver of Blue in an Otherwise Gray Sky

Three Women…

Karma and I have flown to California to visit Linda.

We arrived through gray skies and arrived to gray skies.

Linda’s sky has been gray for a long time, since her son (sun), Owen died. Karma and I have experienced the gray sky from a different position on the planet.  

This Morning, I was awakened at 4:15 am by two adult women coming into my room to play “Puppy Pile”.

I yelled “Wait, Audrey (the cat) is on the bed!”

I Pleaded  “Nooooo!” but to no avail.

Suddenly, two women with larger bone structures than I, who had been up all night to catch up on life experiences, cocktails, and unprocessed emotions, jumped onto my sleeping sanctuary to make me a powerless rag doll on a trampoline with blankets over her head.

They were including me in the bonding experience even though my circadian rhythm was not as flexible as theirs.

After a brief digression to childhood, we settled down.

I have been up since.

They have gone to bed to pretend they were sleeping the whole time like angels.

Somewhere between my first cup of coffee for the day and their last beverage for the night, I glanced out the glass doors in the kitchen to look at the sky. 

Dark and gray.

Then I noticed a tiny sliver of blue just above the barn.

That sliver of blue stabbed me for a nanosecond.

That sliver of blue became the representative for the potential healing of all pain, the hope of finding a way beyond all things gray, the point of normalcy that may or may not broaden into another sunrise. 

This has been a long year.

I am here to create new memories while clinging to the old ones.

I am here to visit Linda and Dave, to be here without having coffee with Owen but to have coffee for Owen.

I am here to visit me visiting them, to move to the next stage with a new script and the props of memories. 

I am here to look at the sliver of blue above the barn.

~ by leakelley on February 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank you for A Sliver of Blue in an Otherwise Gray Sky”

  1. What a great friend you are. What a great friend Linda must be too.

  2. Yes, she is.

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