Thank you for The Alexandrian Solution to the Gordian Knot


That Alexander, he sure was a Great problem solver!

There is a good lesson to the myth of the Gordian Knot that I like to apply to my everyday life.


If everything gets all tangled up and you can’t seem to untie it or see the end to it, just cut it in half!

Then you have two ends to choose from!


Today, I am tangled up in a bit of a knot.

I am sorting out survival from aspiration and trying to untie the knots in my halyard so I can raise the sail on my ship of opportunity.


I frequently have difficulty recognizing my ship when it comes in, so it keeps heading back to sea without me.

Fortunately, it does return to check if I’m packed and ready to go yet.


Sometimes what looks like opportunity is actually a consuming situation that prevents one from watching out for their ship to come in.


What sometimes looks like being responsible and settling for a safe solution to survival can prevent us from actually doing what we should and want to do.


When we get preoccupied with our survival, we tend to get too busy to work on our life.


Remember that saying 

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”?


I have an opportunity to alleviate financial stress (minimally) in exchange for my sanctuary and a lot of free time.


I think It is time to raise the great sword of Alexander and prioritize.

One less knot in my halyard.


Of course, if I cut this “opportunity”, I may starve to death and die in the street like a ravenous dog but… hey, I’m  looking out for the big picture, the ship on the horizon… I hope it’s not a mirage ‘cause there ain’t no way to tie that knot again, once I cut it.


Oh well, life is full of things that are knot opportunities…




~ by leakelley on February 16, 2008.

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