Thank you for Response Ability

Responsibilities are  not always accepted well by those whom they are bestowed upon.


Sometimes the most capable, or those with the highest degree of response ability are not the ones who prefer to respond to a particular situation.


Sometimes those with a limited ability to respond are burdened with situations they cannot cope with for many reasons.


Myself, I am perfectly willing to take responsibility for my own life, my behaviors, or my choices—including the consequences. 


I also have an immense sense of response ability to  crisis, those in need, children, or any situation that calls for my ability to respond in a capacity in which I am capable.


I have been a red cross volunteer, a social worker, a teacher, and a loyal friend. These things have tested and sharpened my response ability.

I am thankful for every difficult situation that allowed me to practice responsibility until I got it right. I still need a bit of practice in some regards.


On the other hand, I do not want the responsibility of cleaning up other people’s messes, being accountable for their mistakes, or sacrificing my sanity, my sanctuary, or my survival for those who refuse to practice response ability.


As a bona fide codependent, I have responded to others in the past in a way that enabled, instead of assisted them. 

I take full responsibility for that and I am practicing being more response able with my time and effort toward others. I realize it had nothing to do with appropriate response and more to do with my need to feel needed and special. 

It only served the latter.


I don’t want to be codependent. I don’t even want to be independent (that is just a function of my false pride) but I really want to learn more about becoming interdependent with my fellow humans and practice response ability with them (as long as they are practicing too).


I am open to response…


~ by leakelley on February 12, 2008.

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