Thank you for the “This ain’t no surprise” Party

I’m havin’ the birthday that never ends! Woo Hoo!

G. hosted a magnificent party for me last night!

There were presents and a whole lot of presence!


We laughed, we ate great food (including carrot cake!), drank lovely beverages, and one of my birthday cards caught on FIRE! Weeeee!


I hugged a bunch of folks, opened a bunch of great gifts (some were so thoughtful, some funny, and at least one that left me completely speechless), and I got to act silly!  Whew! Life is Good!


In the aftermath of all the hubbub, I am so aware of how lucky I am. 

Not only because I have interesting and kind people in my life to love, not only because I am part of the great picture of humanity, not only because I have the opportunity to experience life as a member of a fascinating tribe, not only because the people in my life are so generous with me, but also … because I got to eat carrot cake AGAIN!

~ by leakelley on February 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank you for the “This ain’t no surprise” Party”

  1. Hullo, AG2. I’m so glad you are in the party spirit. I was with you in spirit… Yaehoo to year of the rat ~ let’s hope good things are in store for all… smmooosh, mageti

  2. I’m with mageti…smmooosh. We wish we could have been there with you all. Love, L.

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