Thank you for the Value of Old Women

Last night we (my friend Karma and I were taken to a lovely dinner by G for my birthday) had an interesting conversation about the evolutionary role of old women.


There is a reason that women live beyond child bearing years and there is a reason nature has seen fit to alleviate women of birthing before they are too old.


We came up with a few intelligent and insightful reasons for this phenomenon. 

The following reasons were NOT included in our adroit conversation:


Because an old woman can’t get her feet in those stirrups and bear down with osteoporosis.


Because a woman over sixty with two toddlers and an infant is more likely to commit a homicide out of sheer exhaustion


Because old women already have enough weight issues without the burden of an extra ten pounds in their uterus


Because an old woman can’t run fast enough to keep up with a four year old who is heading for the highway


Because an old woman is far too busy;


gathering nuts and berries to compensate for the paucity of her social security income

taking care of her daughter’s kids because her daughter must work two jobs

administering sound advice to young  women who think life began the year they were born

changing the world with her poetry, art, memories, knowledge, experiences, and all the secrets that young women cannot know until they are old too


Also, it is the role of old women to dance for the tribe when they need inspiration to further the species (and this takes a lot of energy!)


~ by leakelley on February 8, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for the Value of Old Women”

  1. Oh man, that was crazy! (video)
    Her red hair makes her look like she could be Ronald McDonalds mama.

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