Thank you for The Things I Take for Granted



No one will come into my home uninvited 

The elevator door will open

Everything is where I left it

When I turn a key, press a button, or flip a switch, something happens

People smile back

No one will hit me 

Grocery store doors open automatically

My car will get me to my destination 

I will wake up

My loved ones are safe

My head, my back, my teeth don’t hurt

Public buildings have heat 

I can sing

I can go home 

My cat will greet me at the door

My money is still in the bank

There is enough food

The hospital is always open

The letter will get there 

I don’t have malaria

The plane will take off and land

The map is correct 

The coffee is hot

My legs will work

Water will come out of the faucet

The bus will come

My shoes are still tied

My friend answers the phone when I call

Toilet paper

The dish is microwavable

I can get through “it”

The movie will continue until it’s over





~ by leakelley on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for The Things I Take for Granted”

  1. You’re a fuckin’ poet. Bank on it. Okay, tell that to the landlord, eh? But, no, really, hey, ya gotta know poetry when you read it, hear it, live it. And, you do. I do.

    I love you as poet. I love you as artist. I love you as friend. Your poetry will live long after you give up carrying a purse. Don’t take your purse for granted. I emptied mine in front of a group of women tonight, and it was AMAZING. It was…poetry. (Okay, so maybe ya had to be there.)

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