Thanks for Observation and Belief

As humans, we are limited to our observations in understanding life.

If we can’ see it, measure it, refer to it, or feel it, we generally don’t act  like it exists.

But what about BELIEVING in it?

Does belief make things real?

Or does belief make us feel real?



Do people behave differently when someone is watching? 

Do they act differently when they Believe some one is watching?

Can we really dance like no one is watching?


Electrons do.



~ by leakelley on February 3, 2008.

One Response to “Thanks for Observation and Belief”

  1. My mind is acting like the wave going through the two slits: there’s an interference patern in my ability to think. And, yes, I can dance like there’s no one watching, unless, of course, someone is watching and I don’t know it, and then maybe, I’m like the observed electron – but I’ll never know, right?

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