Thank you for ridiculous references and silly girls

My friend, Linda, who is a well educated, articulate woman with a background in appropriate behavior due to her Bible Belt upbringing just called me and forgot to say Hello.


Instead she opened the conversation with “Okay, I am up at the butt crack of dawn and this is not good!.”

I responded with “ Is early morning leaving a knot in the arm pit of your stomach?”


(ensuing giggles from sleepy middle aged women)


These types of conversations are familiar to us, because we bring out the juvenile in each other and we usually continue on until we cannot think of another ridiculous thing to say or one of us has to pee.


This morning our absurd dialogue of the day was cut short because she had to go to work and pretend she was a dignified grown up on account of she LOOKs like a grown up.


I look like a grown up too but I don’t have to go to work today so…


I am left with ridiculous references floating around in my pin head with no phone line to exit into.


I am tempted to call Linda back, disrupting  her very important meeting with some very important grownups who believe she is a very important grownup and the director of her department, to ask …


Howz things goin’ at the boob job? 

Did ya remember the nail file on the corporate law leisure suit. 

Did you bring up the rear on the hair part about how somebody was going to be fire roasted for breeches of comfy dentistry? 

Did you kick their asses with your well heeled, power house?

Do all those income poops really believe you are the boss of them?

How’d you get that blow job anyway?


I will not call though, because she might accidentally put me on Speaker phone in the middle of the meeting.


Then there would be Hell to Paypal!

~ by leakelley on January 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thank you for ridiculous references and silly girls”

  1. lol

    thank goodness for people to have ridiculous fun with

  2. What a way to wake up. Great post, silly girl.

  3. Looks like youtwo have the best kind of friendship. Don’t anything happen to it!

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