Thank you for Approval

As a child, I sought out approval from those in my environment.

The validation of my existence was the main factor in developing my behavior as a good girl, a smart kid, a lovable being, and all other manifestations and labels that belong to one who is approved to be a part of the family, group, or tribe.


I developed a lot of behaviors to ensure this approval.

I don’t know if approval is more important to little girls than it is to little boys.

My three brothers did not seem to need approval as much as I did and their behavior reflected it. 

They acted out more than me and were willing to defy authority figures, fight with each other, and  behave like, as my mother called them, “red headed indians”.


Things have changed.


I no longer need to seek approval.

It comes to me in the mail.

I get all manner of nice letters saying:

“Lea Kelley, You are Pre-approved!”

These letters come with little cardboard gifts that look like credit cards reading “your name here”

The letter reads “call now for low rates”.

I don’t usually call because I am confident that there will be more.

These letters come at least twice a week and I don’t need much more validation for my existence than that.


What a relief.

Now I can act out like my brothers.

The only person I have to impress now is the mail man.


I’m off to cause some trouble and behave badly.

I hope the mail man is out of town.


~ by leakelley on January 24, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for Approval”

  1. You’re really funny. I enjoyed this blog. I don’t know if it is a male/female thing with the needing approval as a child. There just always seems to be one who needs approval while the others run around crazy. At least that is how it was in my house. My brothers were crazy, I was proper. lol.

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