Thank you for Room and Bored

Ah yes, the artist’s block…


They say only boring people get bored.

I say that’s probably true.


I’m feeling a bit boring right now, but I’m thinking there’s a way around being bored. 


Even though my productive peak is flat as a board these days, I’m thinking I could get on board with an exciting new idea that might be bordering the rim of my electrifying creativity.


I think maybe I should call a board meeting of the directors of my neuron pathways to discuss crossing the border into a new idea.


Yeah, maybe. 


But it seems the window of opportunity has been boreded up. 

I suppose I could bore a hole through one of the boreds and peek through to see if there’s some kind of excitement on the other side to defy boredom.


Yeah, maybe.


I wonder if there is a place for people like me where folks give a damn about the temporary lack of enthusiasm in one’s life.

I suppose it would be called a “Bored and Care Facility”.


I am boarding the next plane for that place as soon as I find out where it is. 

I hope they don’t practice trepanation, though. 

I don’t really need a hole bored into my head to alleviate this predicament.


Our healthcare or insurance system probably does not accommodate this sort of boredom rehabilitation center, so I’ll probably have to cross the border into Canada if I want to become a boarder at such a facility.



~ by leakelley on January 15, 2008.

One Response to “Thank you for Room and Bored”

  1. Oh, yeah. A Bored and Care facility. I can think of lots of reasons to start one. Will you do the business card???

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