Thank you for eggcellents!

Eggs are one of my favorite foods.

I especially like deviled eggs on account of they are trouble makers and they don’t care what anybody thinks.


The French have a gazzilion (well, maybe 300) ways to cook eggs.

Eggs are loaded with protein and they have thirteen essential vitamins and minerals.


We have an interesting relationship with eggs. 

Maybe because we all used to BE one.


Eggs have been the object of a whole lot of social and religious symbolism and traditions.


Early myth makers viewed both the sun and the egg as the source of  all life. The yolk of an egg symbolized the sun. 

Some say the universe was hatched from an egg. 


Eggs have immense symbolic potential.

In pagan  Europe, eggs symbolized life and resurrection. 

Eggs were part of the rites of spring and rebirth long before Christians made up Easter.


Tribal groups in Asia used eggs to divine the future. They painted and boiled them, then read the patterns in their cracks. Sometimes they tossed them around to see  into the future. This was called “oomancy”


In some countries, brides break an egg on the threshold of their new home for luck and fertility.

In Iran, Brides exchange eggs with Grooms as part of the ceremony.


During the spring equinox, it is said that an egg will stand on its small end.


The most expensive egg ever sold was a Faberge Egg which sold for $5.6 million. 


There are a lot of great stories and books about eggs;

Green Eggs and Ham

The Golden Egg

Eggless in Gaza…


I am thankful for the eggstacy that is brought to our civilization by the first person who discovered we could eat an egg.



~ by leakelley on January 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank you for eggcellents!”

  1. No mention of eggheads?!??!

  2. I like the expression, “He’s a good egg.” Now I know why.

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