Thank you for a Rave Re-View (of the last year)

I saw two films yesterday that pretty much summed up last year for me.


The first one represented the first part of my year and the second one represented the latter part, while the middle of the year was mostly real life filled with real life plots, drama, mystery, romance, comedy, and educational documentary.


The films: 


First one:

I am Legend.

About the last guy left on Earth (in New York) with a bunch of night-of the-living-dead-zombies infected with a virus that he happened to be immune to. It is  basically a remake of all those “don’t go out in the dark” films with a couple special effects


How this represented my own year:


Last year at this time, I was escaping Los Angeles after a thriller of a dysfunctional relationship with a psycho-logist who turned into a scary zombie. I was not emotionally immune, but I did escape to the survivors colony where my friends, Linda and Dave provided refuge.

It was basically a remake of all those “don’t get into a relationship with crazy dudes” life patterns with a couple special effects.


Second one:

Death of a Prophet

This is an account of the last days of Malcom X (this version was done along time ago and starred a very young Morgan Freeman).

A slow motion picture with a flat affect dialogue that never rose above monotone quality.  

This film was loaded with undertones about a period of time that was far more turbulent than was being represented on the surface of this embarrassment to the great actor, Morgan Freeman.

The dialogue made everyone seem autistically low key while the world around them was brewing with potential insanity. I reluctantly fell asleep.


How this represents my own year:


At this latter part of this year, I find myself moving through life as though it is a monotone, low key event while I am not being a good  director in regard to the potential insanity around me. 

I have a couple of great cast members but I may need to get a better script.

I think I will just put out a casting call to my inner self to see if I can change roles and put a little more gumption into it.

I am not ready to go to sleep yet. 


~ by leakelley on December 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Thank you for a Rave Re-View (of the last year)”

  1. Yep, movies as representation of our lives. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it works against us. We learn from both. I love movies. Even when they suck.


  2. Oh, and Happy Fuckin’ New Year, my friend. We have something to look forward to, I’m not sure what. Let’s hope it’s not like the movies. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck.


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