Thank you for Heat and Hot Stuff


The heat of the night, heated car seats, heated towels, packin’ heat, running from the heat, heat waves, base board heat, wood stove heat, gas heat, heat of passion, heat and serve, feel the heat, heated discussion, radiant heat…










Hot sauce, hot dogs, hot damn, hot from the press, in hot water, hot spots, hot babes like myself (okay, I got carried away), hot coffee, hot spots, hot tamales, those icy hot patches for aches and pains, hot wire, hot issues, hot moves…







~ by leakelley on December 4, 2007.

One Response to “Thank you for Heat and Hot Stuff”

  1. What is meant by “hot stuff?” it? Those things? You? Me? Neither? Both? Them? It is not heat. It is not merely stuff. It is a puzzle. Or, on the very best sort of thoughtful day among loving friends, it is – surprise! – a problem to be approached with intelligence, vigor, wit, playful snarls, laughing feelings of victory & hardly shameful defeat, coffee, French toast, a walk in rain together, more coffee, a drive to a hotel on the beach, drinks hard & soft, quesadillas, nacho delights, chicken soup, an osso buco shank, risotto, followed by a cigarette for her, a cigar for him, chewing gum for me, then another drive, baked sweets & more coffee, an unexpected encounter with an ever smiling but obsessively possessed Christian girl named Friend, a hug, thrown kisses, happy sleep, rising before dawn to see one of our number off at an airport, more hugs & kisses, breakfast before day’s light at an old downtown eatery, & now – this. Hurray. Hurray!

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