Thank you for the screaming voice of snow

Snow is very loud, much like a blank canvas right before you put the first dab of color on the surface. It screams. 


I think very few people can hear snow scream. Otherwise, they would not wake up all giggly, run to the window, and make those dreamy ooh and ahh sounds as though the universe just gave them a brand new planet to mess up.


If you listen really close, snow is actually not the blanket of silence that we romanticize it to be.


To believe that snow is the great silencer of traffic noises and muffler of sound waves is like saying the Pacific ocean is a soothing  bath for dolphins and star fish. That is just not lookin’ at the big picture.


Snow is a powerful entity. It is not gentle, it just looks that way because we condescend to it with those cute little individual flakes and their beautiful little unique shapes.


A snow flake is to snow what an individual person is to a mob. 

The potential is scary when you get a whole lot of them all packed together.


A snow flake whispers, but Snow screams at the top of it’s lily white lungs!

Here’s what it says; 

“You are not going anywhere! I own you. You will remain trapped in that log cabin until some nomadic fur trapper finds your frozen body stuck to the cold, cold wood stove!” 


“I dare you to walk across this tundra! I will grab ahold of your flimsy little hiking boots and pull you down like a disappearing puppet into the icy lake that I have hidden beneath the surface of my pristine illusion where you will fall through the ice and wallow like a lost baby seal!” 


Snow says all manner of threatening things but folks like to fawn over it like it is some kind of  kitten, all soft and sweet. Hey, kittens can grow up to be roaring tigers with no thought for your affectionate intentions.


So the next time you try to catch a snow flake on your tongue, close your mouth really quick after the first one or you might find yourself in some crazy white riot of snow, knocked to the ground with your mouth wide open, wonderin’ what happened and whimpering “but it was so beautiful… and soft… and innocent” 

Snow is talking. Better start listening!  


~ by leakelley on December 1, 2007.

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