Thank you for Reservations

I once went to the Indian Reservation where my maternal Grandfather was born in South Dakota. Initially, I found the people at the Bureau of Indian Affairs to be quite reserved. (until I told them I had red hair on account of my other Grandfather was Irish and not because I was related to General Custer, who also had red hair.) The Reservation was not the romantic vision I had generated in anticipation of finding my roots, but I will reserve that story for another time.


I find it curious that the Reservations were established for Indian Nations who were compelled to live there without any reserves (except maybe some food coupons and a blanket with a small pock or two). These Reservations were mostly free range prisons without the free or the range.

But today I am more concerned with the concept of reservation, not historical real estate blunders and cultural travesties.


I have reservations about folks that are far too reserved. I am also quite reserved when it comes to making reservations for a flight, a vacation, or any event that requires commitment because I like to reserve my right to be spontaneous and live in the moment. This is probably the main reason I did not end up in the Military Reserves. The other “main” reason being that I have serious reservations about the military. Look what they did for the American Indians (and pretty much anybody else with which they have come into contact).


There are times when reservations are a good thing. For example, if you want to walk into a restaurant and feel important enough to walk up to the maitre de, past those folks standing in line and whisper your name like you might be famous, get ushered to the table with the view, and eat appetizers while the line-people who were too reserved to make reservations stare, you may want to reserve a table before arriving.


I like that we have wild life reserves. I like people who reserve their opinions until  requested to express them. I like to reserve my dessert for the end of my meal. I like to have extra reserves in my cupboard. I like being reserved when I meet strangers until I see them laugh at least once. 



~ by leakelley on November 30, 2007.

One Response to “Thank you for Reservations”

  1. Looking forward to the reservation story…

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