Thank you for getting out of your isolated vehicle

~ by leakelley on November 26, 2007.

One Response to “Thank you for getting out of your isolated vehicle”

  1. People jammed up get out & walk. And they cringe when upon looking back they see bulldozers clearing the freeway by shoving their cars over the edge of the road, or – as I once saw – dropping them off the bridge on which they’d been abandoned by their hapless owners. On that occasion I was laughing, because I’d veered down an off-ramp & was parked at a coffee shop, eating toast, bacon & eggs while awaiting the clearing of exit roads so I might continue to my office. The laughter ended when a young woman whose car was being junked up there asked me for a coin so she could telephone her office to say she’d be late to work. As she turned to go to the phone, I saw the back of her head. Its bone was crushed, & her hair was sticky with coagulating blood. Speaking closely & quietly, I told her what I saw, & called for an ambulance. She & I stood together, almost whispering, saying little things about this & that, until at last two ambulance attendants made their way from somewhere & came into the restaurant with a stretcher. Too much time had passed, but she was calm, still in a blessed state of painless shock. It happened about 40 years ago. I sometimes think of her – a stranger, a person, a life in progress, a center of pleasures, successes, failures, loves, hatreds, dreams & desires that I knew & know nothing about, except that they are surely almost entirely similar to mine. An image of a blanket comes to mind. I wish I’d had a blanket for her.

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