Thank you for the short recovery from PTSD




Post Thanksgiving Stretch Disorder. 

This is where it all begins. 

The day after Thanksgiving. 


Your friends and neighbors will begin to appear differently to you for the next three months. 

PTSD has a minimum of a three month recovery period because it is exacerbated by Overt Christmas Digesting (OCD) of cookies an Ho Ho Ho’s filled with cream and covered with chocolate. 


Yes the familiar faces around you will start disappearing beneath layers of caloric intake and carbohydratic consumption without the benefit of expended energy because it’s too damn cold to go for walks. 


Suddenly everyone will look rounder and thicker until the NYPD blues hit. That would be the New Year’s Physical  Denial blues where they make resolutions to shed all the layers that started with PTSD.


By the beginning of March, people will start to look familiar again, You will notice emerging cheek bones. Chins will lose their twins and bellies will turn back into stomachs.


Well, I have cookies and pies to make and gingerbread houses to bake so I’ll see you again in March, eh?


~ by leakelley on November 23, 2007.

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