Thank you for the UNcommon cold


I am generally a fairly robust person for a skinny gal.

So colds, flu, dyptheria, and malaise of the body are not such a common occurrence in my life.

For instance, as a child I never had the mumps, the chicken pox, malaria, or even a touch of leukemia.

I have not had to deal with some of the maladies of my peers as an adult.  

I am quite appreciative of my own health while I have sympathy and respect for folks with  frequent or constant health issues. I don’t think I would cope well with such things.

But, I can handle the uncommon cold. It’s an opportunity to lounge around with my kitty, eat soup, watch TV (ToxicVision), without guilt or shame for laughing at reruns of Cheers or actually dangling in suspense over the adventures of Matlock and worrying about the folks at the 4077 MASH.

My uncommon cold gives me the inalienable right to wear pajamas all day and blow my little nose until I squeak and scare my kitty off the foot of the bed. I can read books, draw with crayons, fall asleep, wake up, and fall asleep again. 

And though this may sound like a good way to spend days, I am still thankful that having a cold is an uncommon occurrence.


~ by leakelley on November 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Thank you for the UNcommon cold”

  1. I love cold too.I seem to be a lot more tolerable to the people around me during my cold period.
    “touch of leukemia” 🙂

  2. i had an uncommon cold once. i know it was uncommon because when i sneezed mt. vesuvius erupted. i don’t think that was nice but it made me giggle.

    i hope you get better without erupting any mountains.

    unless you want to giggle.

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