Thank you for Psycho Logical

Thank you for the Winds of  Fate, Winds of Change 11/12/07

Eli’s comin’!
It was a dark and stormy day…
The power is out on some parts of the grid in town.
I am writing my morning Thank You on a remote computer on a remote
planet from which I may observe the effects of the winds of fate.
 From here, I see tree’s blowing like dancing shadows proclaiming
“Winter rides on these winds, beware. Prepare!”
I am prepared for the winds of change, I think. But my metaphoric house may need a little organizing first.

How to prepare for the winds of Fate:

1. Have plenty of light at your fingertips for the dark moments.
2. Be sure that all the nourishment for your soul is not behind a refrigerator door that you cannot open when external power sources are not at your command.
3. Have alternatives to warm your heart if your predominant heat is governed by unpredictable electricity.
4. Make sure your roof is not towering over the roofs of others (it makes you a target for the winds of fate).
5. Remain flexible so the winds of fate do not inadvertently break you.
6. Do not try to carry an ostentatious umbrella, it will make you look foolish and the winds of fate will drag you by the handle as your white knuckles resist and cling to the futile attempt of guarding yourself from the inevitable.
7. Hold on to your hat and ride.
8. Offer shelter to those who cannot cope with exposure.

~ by leakelley on November 13, 2007.

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